About us

Our company is a professional team of programmers that provides its services in creating automated trading algorithms, scripts, indicators and auxiliary software for stock and currency market participants. Our team is an established IT company that develops software based on technical specifications for absolutely all well-known professional trading platforms, such as:


MetaTrader 4;

MetaTrader 5






Due to the fact that the whole team combines trading with writing program code (coding), we have deep knowledge and accumulated experience and practice, thanks to which various types of analysis will be taken into account when developing strategies: technical and fundamental.

Ready-made solutions for traders

Our company is an IT company created by traders for traders. Any, even the craziest ideas at first glance can be at least tested and coded, and we will help you with this.

We are not only programmers, but primarily traders. Therefore, we perfectly understand how important it is to complete a number of tasks that many face on a daily basis. That is why we regularly create ready-made solutions that allow beginners to fully automate the trading process. Trading robots, signal copiers, indicators - all this can be bought without waiting for development.


Customer Care

We take care of our clients by offering lifetime relationships, providing ongoing support and sharing our expertise in any related field you may be interested in.

Efficient Algorithms

More than 10 years of experience allows us to create the most effective trading algorithms that implement your trading strategy

Professional approach

Our financial experience allows us to accurately understand your needs and requirements, analyze the possible problems of your request and suggest the best way to evaluate them.

Responsive support

As we always say, the support phase is the most continuous part of the project, which is carried out in close cooperation with the Customer. Timely and professional response to your requests is our main goal

Stable and reliable solutions

Using the best practices developed over the years, we provide one of the most stable and reliable automated trading programs in the entire domain.

The Art of Programming

Programming software for algorithmic trading of any complexity (from simple to extremely complex) over time requires a number of skills that make up the art of programming


Robobroker - automated solutions for trading in the stock market, forex and cryptocurrencies





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