researchMar 26, 2021

71 countries, in which 70% of the world's population live, cannot ensure freedom of the press.

As part of the Press Gazette Media Freedom Health Check study, each country was assigned a media freedom health rating based on the traffic light system. Countries with high levels of media freedom are awarded green; countries where media freedom performance is of concern are highlighted in yellow and countries with critical issues are highlighted in red.

Eight countries that showed the best results on all 18 indicators of "health" from the authors of the study - Norway, Canada, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand.

Along with the health rating, the study authors gave each country a color based on three indicators: independence and pluralism, safety for media workers, and a country's ranking in the main press freedom indices.

In the overall rating of 166 countries, Russia took the 146th place.