Apr 13, 2021
Journalists must wear bright green vests and standard badges at public events.

According to the established norms, these include assemblies, rallies, demonstrations, processions and picketing. The Roskomnadzor order on the approval of insignia comes into force on April 13.

From now on, media representatives will have to be at rallies only in special vests and with badges on which identification data will be placed.

The badge is a rectangular card at least 9.5 x 14 cm in size made of white paper with the inscription "Press". It must contain the identification data of the journalist, including a photograph, full name, name of the media outlet, signature of the editor-in-chief, as well as the date of issue and validity period. The inscription "Press" must be placed at the top of the badge and at the same time must occupy at least 5% of the area.

A special vest should be made of high visibility fabric with elements of reflective materials, which will ensure the journalist's visibility during the day and at night. Vests should be exclusively neon green. They should be labeled "Press" in black.

"The basis for the activities of a journalist at a public event is an editorial card or other document proving the identity and powers of the journalist," the document says.