Apr 5, 2021
Lauren Beaumont, "a French freelance journalist who has lived for almost seven years in China," denies accusations of genocide and persecution of Uyghurs in an article published on the website of the Chinese state-run television company CGTN, which recently received permission to broadcast in French. Le Monde newspaper drew attention to her profile.

On the CGTN website, Lauren Beaumont is described as a "freelance journalist from France" who worked "in various Parisian newsrooms before settling in Beijing, where she lived for almost seven years." However, Le Monde states that the name is not registered by the French Professional Journalists' Identity Commission and has not been issued a press card.

Le Monde also notes Beaumont's suspicious "inactivity" - she has practically no publications on the network, despite the image of a journalist who has lived in China for many years and worked in "several editorial offices in France."

In Beaumont's Twitter account, created in March 2021, the profile photo is a photograph of another person - the picture was taken from photo stocks.

In her article, Lauren Beaumont denies the accusations made by those who condemn the sterilization of Uyghur women and the forced labor of the Muslim minority.

Beaumont notes that the decision of major foreign brands to stop using Xinjiang cotton "was overwhelming." She said there are no re-education camps in China, despite what she calls “passionate Uyghur devotees”.

The French-language website of the CGTN channel has denied the accusations of "invention" of the journalist. CGTN claims it has "concrete evidence" that Lauren Beaumont lives in Xinjiang, as well as "numerous photographs and even a copy of her marriage certificate with a person from that city."

The channel's website explains that this name is a pseudonym, and it is no longer used: "The journalist under the pseudonym Lauren Beaumont decided not to use this pseudonym in the future, fearing for her safety and the safety of her family."

“We know the risks French journalists are taking to express their opinion in China's favor,” the report said.