Mar 22, 2021
Former US President Donald Trump can launch his own social network within two to three months. According to his advisor Jason Miller, the platform will attract tens of millions of people. This statement was made by Miller to reporters at Fox News.

Trump's adviser is confident that the social network will become "the coolest and game changer." Details on how exactly Trump will publish his messages have not been specified. Republicans have already announced the possibility of creating an analogue of popular social networks, since many of the available Internet resources are controlled by supporters of the Democrats.

The former American president made the decision to create his own social media after blocking Twitter and Facebook accounts. Social media administrations saw incitement to violence and unrest in Trump's publications.

Donald Trump also spoke about the possibility of creating his own media - a digital TV channel with online broadcasts, working by subscription. It should compete with Fox News. The then-incumbent president accused the channel of expressing sympathy for his electoral competitor. Fox News prematurely announced the victory of Joseph Biden in the counting of votes in Arizona, after which this information was picked up by other publications.