How to write texts and build relationships with journalists so that they publish information about your company for free. What to do with press releases
How to write texts and build relationships with journalists so that they publish information about your company for free. What to do with press releases. How to choose topics for publications. How to attract the media. How it works in B2B and B2C.

Anna Kirichenko, the head of the REDLINE PR & SMM communication agency, will tell about this in detail and with case studies in her report at the conference "Effective Press Service - 2021", which will be held on May 27-28 in Moscow.

In the report:

- What types of publications work best today for (B2B, B2C) and how they differ from each other

- How to enter Tier1 / Tier2 in the first month of working with a client

- Figures in press materials: how to interest editorial staff

- How to write a lot and do it fast

- Resources to Help! Checked on myself

- What is pitch, how to pitch different types of publications correctly

- How to build competent communication with the media and build long-term relationships with journalists

- Generation of news feeds and content relevant to media topics

- Errors when promoting a brand / speaker in the media

- What is important for a PR specialist to know in 2021 about the media and new realities

And she shared some of these secrets in the new edition of Timur Aslanov's author's program “PR-director”.

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About the speaker: Anna Kirichenko

CEO & Founder of the communication agency Redline PR & SMM

- Expert and PROactive practitioner in the field of strategic communications.

- On account of more than 170 successfully implemented PR and SMM projects, the development and implementation of projects and companies for such companies as: Decathlon, re: Store, Gardena, The North Face, Lego, Sinergetic, YI Technology, Teana Lab, Forward, Husqvarna, Familia , Greenworks, Moreon, Zeiss, YI,, MSI, Car of the Year, Family of the Year in Russia, Moscow Bicycle Parade, Tesla Place, Mankiewicz and many others.

- Has many years of experience in the field of PR and control over the work of heads of PR projects and SMM departments. He specializes in project management at all stages of implementation, management of project teams within the agency, planning and monitoring the implementation of marketing campaigns using different communication channels.

- Speaker of the Positioning session at IDA (Association of Independent Directors).

The international practical conference "EFFECTIVE PRESS SERVICE - 2021" is annually held in Moscow by the "Press Service" magazine and brings together more than 200 directors of public relations, heads of press services, heads of PR departments, press secretaries, PR managers and PR -specialists from all over Russia and the CIS countries in order to give them the most relevant, effective and proven tools for their work.

Two thematic streams of reports: public relations in business and public relations in government structures.

Speakers will talk about:

- building an effective PR strategy,

- actual cases of anti-crisis PR,

- new tools for working with corporate media,

- reputation management and work with negativity,

- techniques for preparing persuasive speeches for speakers,

- community management,

- how to work with opposition-minded journalists and hostile media,

- where to get news feeds if nothing happens,

- new technologies of intracorporate PR,

- the work of government and commercial structures in various regions, directions and industries,