As the CyberNews portal writes, the data leaked to the Network is not confidential, but it may be enough to carry out subsequent hacker attacks.

The hackers made public the data of 1.3 million users of the Clubhouse social network. This is reported by the CyberNews portal.

According to him, the data of Clubhouse users appeared on a popular hacker forum in free access. The database contains, in particular, the names that are specified in the accounts. In addition, it contains links to photos of users, information about their Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as information about who invited users to Clubhouse and when they were registered.

CyberNews notes that the information posted does not carry any confidential information, such as, for example, credit card information, but it may be enough to carry out subsequent hacker attacks. “Especially determined attackers can combine this information with other data breaches to create detailed profiles of their potential victims. With this information, they can organize much more serious phishing attacks, ”the portal writes.

In early April, Business Insider reported that the personal data of more than 530 million Facebook users, including phone numbers, names, dates of birth and email addresses, were leaked. The leak affected residents of 106 countries, including 32 million US citizens, 11 million Britons and 6 million people in India. The Sun newspaper noted that the phone number and other data of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg were in the public domain. Facebook said the hackers extracted the data in question from user accounts thanks to the import of contacts back in 2019.

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A week later, CyberNews reported a data breach of 500 million LinkedIn users. The archive put up for sale by hackers included user IDs, names, postal addresses, phone numbers, and links to pages on other social networks. The information was sold at an auction "for a four-digit amount," presumably for bitcoins. LinkedIn denied the data breach, saying the exposed data was publicly available.