Apr 8, 2021
Novaya Gazeta published new information about the "chemical attack" that the authorities did not find the attacker and did not identify the substance that was sprayed near the editorial office. Nevertheless, Novaya has conducted its own investigation.

“The editorial board hasn’t received any official information about what it was. Only the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow answered - in the sense that it is not household gas or a chemical warfare agent. Yes, and not a Tunguska meteorite, of course ... "- writes" Novaya Gazeta ". But journalists report that independent experts have determined - before the editorial office on March 15, they sprayed a substance, the main components of which are 4-ethylphenol and 3-methylindole (skatole). “Symptoms of exposure in high concentration: irritation of the respiratory tract, cough, choking,” - described the journalists.

The publication reports that the smell is still lingering, as the substance was carried on the soles of the office. Now the asphalt in front of the editorial office has been replaced, but the problem with the smell has not been solved.

On March 15, the editorial office of Novaya Gazeta was subjected to a "chemical attack". Employees of the publication and offices in the building smelled a strong chemical smell, it was impossible to breathe. In the evening on the day of the “chemical attack”, a video from a surveillance camera near the Novaya’s office appeared on the Telegram channel “Novosti Moskvy”, in which a man disguised as a Yandex Food employee sprays a substance.