During a live broadcast on the Romanian TV channel Antena 1, TV presenter Mirela Vaidu was attacked by a naked woman who threw a stone at her. The TV presenter was not injured, and law enforcement officers are investigating the motives of the woman's act.

The incident, which took place on Friday, March 19, was reported by the channel itself. Vaida hosted her show "Acces Direct", when a woman completely without clothes and with a stone in her hand ran into the frame just live.

The woman threw a stone towards the TV presenter. She was able to dodge him and ran away.

After the break, the show continued. Wajda said that she connects the incident with threats that she has received recently from a person who calls herself Magdalena Sherban. She threatened the TV presenter with retribution for what she did.

Sherban pushed a 25-year-old woman under a subway car in 2018, causing her to die instantly. The investigation established that before that she had tried to do the same at another station. The examination recognized Sherban sane, and in 2019 she was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Waida connects threats with Sherban due to the fact that she actively covered her case in her program. “Magdalena Sherban is a criminal, and I'm afraid she really threatens me, so from now on I will take this more seriously,” added the TV presenter.